Essential Information

By Air

Direct flights are available from cities across Europe, the Middle East, West Africa and North America. Royal Air Maroc is Morocco’s national carrier. For information about Moroccan airports, visit the website of Office National des Aéroports ( Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport is the country’s main gateway, followed by Menara airport (Marrakesh). Other important airports include Fes–Saïss (Fez), Ibn Batouta International (Tangier), as well as Ouazazarte, Agadir and Nador.

Here are some official non-religious fests whose dates are fixed:

1 January: New Year’s Day, • May 1: Labor Day, • July 9: Youth Day, • July 30: Throne Day (Coronation of King Mohammed VI), • Aug. 14: Reunification Oued Ed-Dahab, • August 20: Anniversary of the Revolution of King and People, • Nov. 6: Day of the Green March, • November 18: Independence Day

In the terms of safety, Morocco is perhaps the safest country in Africa. Moroccan authorities have made a lot of efforts to secure the tourism in the country with a noticed attempt to get the quality higher. A special police to protect tourism has been created.

  • Police: dial 19 from a land-line, 112 from your mobile
  • Mounted Police (outside cities): 177
  • Firemen: 15
  • Ambulance: 15

Cell/mobile phones, telephone boxes, internet, postal, fax and telegram services: you can stay connected for your entire journey. Mobile phone networks work well in large cities and touristic spots.

Telephone numbering

To call Morocco

  • • Land-line: Dial 212 + 5 track 8 digits
  • • Mobile phone: Dial 212 + 6 track 8 digits

To call from Morocco

  • Landline: Dial 0 5 8 digit tracking
  • Mobile phone: Dial 0 6 8 digit tracking
  • More Information on the site of Morocco Telecom

If you can, choose the toilet of a luxury hotels. There are public toilets at the airports, railway stations, restaurants and cafes. Smart travelers take with them their toilet paper, because most Moroccans use water to clean.


Most big Moroccan cities are supplied by the train services. The main lines of the country leave from Casablanca.


Buses provide connections between most cities and towns of the country. In the bus stations, there are also private buses which provide regular trips between most Moroccan cities.


Big cities have their conventional taxis. There are other types of taxis in Morocco. The “Grand-taxi” is for transport from one city to another. The”Petite Taxi”, with roof rack, take one to three passengers for urban journeys. For longer distances or trips, the Grand-taxi is a great solution, it is generally comfortable, but remember to negotiate the price in advance.


The main airport in Morocco is in Casablanca, Mohammed V airport. The second in importance is Agadir airport, it also provides direct links to several European capitals, the same as well as with Rabat, Marrakech, Ouarzazate and Tangier.