Transportation and Traffic


Most big Moroccan cities are supplied by the train services. The main lines of the country leave from Casablanca.


Buses provide connections between most cities and towns of the country. In the bus stations, there are also private buses which provide regular trips between most Moroccan cities.


Big cities have their conventional taxis. There are other types of taxis in Morocco. The “Grand-taxi” is for transport from one city to another. The”Petite Taxi”, with roof rack, take one to three passengers for urban journeys. For longer distances or trips, the Grand-taxi is a great solution, it is generally comfortable, but remember to negotiate the price in advance.


The main airport in Morocco is in Casablanca, Mohammed V airport. The second in importance is Agadir airport, it also provides direct links to several European capitals, the same as well as with Rabat, Marrakech, Ouarzazate and Tangier.

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